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What should RAG provide a charity with?

We have previously looked at what a charity should do for your RAG, but we have not yet looked into what the RAG should provide for the charity. The role of RAG is to fundraise, and help others to fundraise, and therefore this is one of the biggest things that should be provided.


A RAG should fundraise for their core charity, and other charities throughout the year. They should provide continuous updates on how the students are doing, contact details of those students who wish to help, reviews of the volunteering that they are seeing to help the charity with their information and data, and of course tell them twice throughout the year what they think they will total at, and what they eventually do. This can be hard to guess, but it is important to do so.

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RAGs should also provide the charities with opportunities for them to come to the university and visit. This can include fresher’s fairs and other fundraising events including RAG Fest which allows them to talk about the work that they do, advertise their volunteering opportunities and recruit people for their available careers.

There are plenty of ways to fundraise and you can find more of how to do these on the Ways to Fundraise! section of the blog. Check it out and this can help you raise lots for your charity! The top priority of the RAG is to raise money for their charity.

Your RAG should use the recruitment season for their charity challenges as a chance to also provide student volunteers for the charity so that they can raise even more money! This is important to provide them with too.

It is important to remember that what you put in is what you give back. Those who work for charity are often volunteers too and you need to treat them all with respect.

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