About The Charity Guru

The Charity Guru is a blog brought to you by an enthusiastic member of the student fundraising community and ex-RAG president. This site is here to be an educational place to teach about fundraising and RAGs, but also a place for tips and tricks to be published when it comes to fundraising from someone who really knows what WORKS, and what DOESN’T.

What is RAG?

RAG means Raising and Giving and can also come in many different forms including RADs, and Carnival RAGs. Each RAG is different depending on it’s university, but it is essentially a society or branch of student union at multiple UK universities which is responsible for helping students to fundraise and learn more about how to raise money for charity. These RAGs also offer the chance to create great connections with charities and raise bucket loads of money for them through overseas treks, marathons and much more!

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What is student fundraising?

Student fundraising is a branch of fundraising which applies to you guessed it… students! This is a chance for students at universities to expand their CVs and learn more about the fundraising industry. It is also the chance to travel overseas and raise money for great causes!

What is fundraising?

Fundraising is literally raising funds for charity! It is making money for charities by doing multiple activities including bake sales, danceathons, and much more!