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Student Fundraising

In this podcast episode I will be talking to you guys all about student fundraising and the ways in which you can get involved with it. I also talk about RAG, NaSFA, and the different aspects of these organisations and what role they play in student fundraising.

If you are a student and you want to be more involved in working with charities at your university and joining charity-based societies then do listen here:

Episode Two – The Charity Guru – Student Fundraising

P.S. I do cough half way through the podcast and I had a few issues with the audio so there are quite a few short music breaks! I am still learning how all this stuff works so yes I am gross and yes, I am sorry it’s not the best yet! But, it will be soon, so bare with me! 🙂

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Introductory Podcast

Hey guys!

As promised, there is a collection of podcasts that will be going up on this blog to educate you all on student fundraising, RAGs and fundraising tips! Of course these will also be covered in written blogs but podcasts are real good fun!

Click below to listen to the first introductory podcast of these The Charity Guru Podcasts and find out more of what is to come!

The introduction to The Charity Guru Podcast series!