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Hope For Justice and Police Work Together

A charity called Hope for Justice has worked hard with the police and courts to jail 8 people from a gang who exploited 400 victims trafficked from Poland. This gang was part of the largest modern slavery ring in the UK and after three years, it is finally being disconnected. Shockingly, some of the victims were reportedly working for less than 50p a day. Absolutely disgusting.

The gang had recruited it’s victims through trickery. Many of them were aged between 17-60 and they had hopes of coming to Britain to gain employment, and instead were faced with squalor housing. They worked in disgusting conditions that had rat infestations and barely made enough to eat.

Hope for Justice is an anti-slavery charity who actually identified some of the victims of the case and alerted the police. The charity has multiple drop in centres and nearly 50 of the victims cam forward to these centres to get help after they heard of the arrests and convictions of the gang members.

Ben Cooley who is the executive of Hope for Justice said: “While the victims can never get back what the traffickers took from them – financially, emotionally, physically and psychologically – we hope that the knowledge their abusers are now behind bars will help them as they move on with their lives.”

The charity has supported those who seeked help from them as much as they can and they are now in employment including one who was able to eventually bring his partner over with him to live in the UK.

In this day and age it is really good to see that charities who are working hard with the police and other emergency services are being recognised for their efforts. I am super proud of the Hope for Justice team and here is to many more years of good, hard work!

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RAG On a Budget

RAG was started for the sole purpose of raising money and giving back to those who are less fortunate than ourselves. RAGs at universities however are not always as prosperous or profitable their own society as they might be in terms of raising money. Being a RAG on a budget can mean that it is hard when it comes ot running events, but there are lots of ways that you can begin to raise money for your RAG without breaking the bank.

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To start with, you should head to your student’s union to ask the activities department what the allowance is for your society – if any – and see what you have to work with. There is little chance that a RAG will have a budget at all and if so, it is time to fundraise for yourselves! There are two ways to go around this depending on if you’re an established RAG or if you’re brand new, and here are my tips for both.

An Established RAG

If you are an established RAG which has plenty of resources such as able cloths and previous fundraising items, then it might be easier for you to begin fundraising for your RAG. Something that can be a big hit are events such as Strictly Come Dancing and similar which bring in big bucks with the help of other societies. However, events like these take lots of planning and there are some easy ways to make money if you try hard!

One way is by going through all of the old RAG gear and seeing what you can use. If there are table cloths and stuff then you can run “Raise for RAG!” cupcake stands, sell sweets, offer revision services to lower year groups and similar. Being an established RAG means you have more contacts within the activities department and can ask other societies for help too. Maybe the baking society can help you with the cupcakes? When you have enough money you can then begin to think about raising for other charities. A good amount to have in storage is about £100 unless you want to run hitch events in which case you need more like thousands, but in time this can happen, just not necessarily in one year.

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Brand New RAG

If you are a brand new RAG then it can be difficult to get on your feet. There may not be any materials in your society area and you might need some new things. Without a budget this can be hard and there is also no budget in order to bake cakes with etc. One way to make money is to partnership up with one society for a year and see if they can help you to raise money. As aforementioned, if your dance society runs a university Come Dancing event then this can bring in a lot of money and maybe they can donate half the earnings to you and half to a charity! That way you are still providing for a charity and not just for yourselves.

The other excellent way to fundraise is by using your own money to run cupcake stalls etc and use old bedding from uni to make into table cloths etcetera to raise the money with. When there is a pay off you can reimburse yourself and as you build up and established RAG you can dream bigger and follow the fundraising events I have in the blog menu.

If you have any specific questions about how to raise money for your RAG then please feel free to comment below!